New Fashion Team

The art of making drinks enjoying your own private party: this is our motto. We are able to create any type of event with quality beverages, professional staff, high-level materials and customer satisfaction as our main focus.

action7 Cocktails
New Fashion Team is specialized in south-american crushed-ice cocktails like Caipirinha, Caipiroska and Mojito; the entire staff, however, is able to prepare a plethora of cocktails using high quality ingredients and exotic fresh fruit.

Frozen Cocktails Frozen Cocktails
We offer an extensive list of frozen cocktails, thanks to our international background and the use of the best professional equipment. These delicious beverages, typically found in the Caribbeans and South America, made with the best and freshest ingredients blended to perfection, have become a standard offering for our events.

Fruit Corner Fruit Corner
Found exclusively in New Fashion Team events, we have imported the idea from one of the most famous bars in Magaluf, Palma de Majorca. We set up an angle station where one of our staff, dressed in an exotic fashion, will serve fruit and specially created dips as finger food for the event.
Some examples? Bananitos with Nutella, melon slices with honey and baby pineapple with strawberry sauce.

Shots Corner Shots Corner
Usually placed at the entrance of the Open Bar area, the bartender manning the Shots Corner will be serving specially prepared shots in light-up shot glasses. We believe it is a perfect way to start a perfect evening welcoming guests in the right mood for the event.
At the Shot Corner you will find a variety of rhums served with pear or blueberry juice, iced peach and wild strawberry vodka, tequila reposado boom boom or served with salt and lemon, and various mini cocktails.

Degustazioni The tasting stand
Specially designed for exclusive events and particularly refined clients, New Fashion Team offers a special selection of the best whiskies and rums combined with a Cigar Corner where gourmet guests will be able to enjoy a refined tasting.
The decor is also high-class: mahogany stands, candles and mirrors, accompanied by the most prepared staff.

The Art Of Making Drinks